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Sports for Fun!

male lifeguard personalized chirstmas ornament

Ornaments that depict a certain sport are always a hit with the parents and grandparents of children involved in the sport!

Gift a Sports Fan an Ornament this Holiday Season!

If a child plays soccer, this is the perfect year to purchase a soccer ornament with his or her name and the year carefully inscribed..  Who knows, next year it might be football!  It’s a great way to chronicle the child’s activities during the past year, and to remember them as well!  We’ll never forget the year our son’s Little League team, The Astros, won the League’s championship! And yes, we have a personalized ornament to hang on the tree each year.

Sports ornaments are also wonderful to thank you gifts to the coach of your child’s team!  They have put in hours of devoted Saturday mornings, running with the kids, teaching them how to play and be good sports, and dealing with the over-enthusiastic parents!  We suggest a gift personalized with the coach’s name, the year, and the team’s name on the front or back depending on the availability of space. Because we offer a discount for large purchases of the same ornament, our products are often used as gifts for all members on a team, so that everyone has one at the year-end party!

Personalized sports-themed ornaments are a delight to grown-ups as well!  Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and Lacrosse are all played by older athletes. As are baseball, softball, basketball and football. Ice hockey is especially popular in our town, Santa Rosa, California, where Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts, lived and skated!  We even have our own Snoopy’s Ice Arena which hosts many an ice skater, child and adult alike, and several Ice Hockey teams for all ages!  Mr. Schultz’ family keeps the ice skating ring running and it’s a special place in our community for learning to ice skate and for having birthday parties, and now it is also the home of a museum of Charles Schultz memories, artwork, original cartoons, and wonderful products!  (Be sure and come to visit sometime!)

We love creating special personalized for students sporting teams. For several years we were asked to create Oski the Bear, the official mascot of University of California, Berkeley.  We were very proud of those ornaments as Cal is my alma mater!   And there’s always the sports ornaments that have the name of an NFL or AFL football team and the year, or similar for baseball and basketball teams.  We ask our customers to be creative and help us make the ornament that will be the perfect gift for a sports enthusiast.