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Rememberance Ornaments

Angel with Wreath Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Everyone in the family is saddened by the passing of a dear family member during the year.  Memories of him or her are precious and come to us over and over as they things we do remind us of the loss.  The holidays can be an especially challenging time, for the entire family, but especially for the children of the family.

Ornaments for Remembering Moments

The idea of a remembrance ornament was brought to me a very nice young man and his 4 or 5-year-old son at Gump’s in San Francisco many years ago.  This father and son came into the store and carefully chose a special ornament for me to personalize for them.  It was inscribed for another child, another son and little brother, who had recently died.  Our interaction was emotional – I felt their sadness, as they knew they wanted to hang an ornament on the tree for the boy who was no longer with them in the body, but with them in spirit.  The father of a son continued to come each year and purchase a remembrance ornament – the brother now a grown man, the father a little older, but the lost son still in his heart.

We have offered remembrance ornaments on our website and know that these special ornaments, personalized and dated with the legacy of the departed family member will be a keepsake forever on our customer’s Christmas trees.  Often the first holiday season without a loved one is particularly difficult, and that is when a beautiful gift wrapped and presented a gift to the family will be cherished.  It’s likely to receive premier placement on the tree as well.

Each year at Christmas time the family will take the remembrance ornament out of the storage boxes and find a special place on the tree, and take the time to remember and talk about the departed family member.  This will be a time of sharing fun stores of Christmas past, gifts exchanged, special meals together, or special trips to gather.  A personalized In Memory of ornament will always be appreciated.