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Professions and Occupatons

Doctor Personalized Christmas Ornaments Male Blonde

Let’s go to work!  Many of our new occupation and professional ornaments will make perfect gifts for family members and friends.  It’s great to have an individual ornament for each person that is at the Christmas table or Christmas present opening session!  Since they are reasonably priced, this is often affordable.

Great Profession and Business Ornaments

Other ideas are the graduated student going to the first job! Last year we made ornaments for customers who actually put the recipient’s name and new company on the briefcase of the businessman.  Someone celebrating a promotion or new career!  The Doctor, Nurse, Dentist or Lawyer… at last finished with their long education process and embarking on a professional life. One ornament was personalized with the name and Doctor At Last! with the year.

We have quite a few professions and occupations represented and are always responsive if we can be, to requests from our customers.  Many of the occupation ornaments we sell are from a guest artist who designs characters made out of resin and hand painted.  These are especially cute and the artists take extra special care to put some occupational “personality” into each character.  These ornaments all come in blonde or brunette hair color.  We introduced these styles in 2011 and were surprised at how rapidly they sold, so our customers are a testament to their popularity!

Personalized ornaments make great gifts for co-workers as well.  Give one to your boss, admin staff, or bookkeeper.  Don’t forget your vet, dental hygienist, and a banker!  There’s something for everyone.  Sometimes these gifts are part of an office small gift exchange at Christmas, and often these gift exchanges have a price ceiling to keep the cost down for everyone.  Our ornaments usually fit the bill!   Sometimes they are a Thank You gift for a job well done – a person at work or your dentist or dental hygienist.   And sometimes they’re a Thank You gift for a person you don’t know really well, who has gone that extra mile of customer service to make your life oh so much better… like your mechanic!  This type of personalized gift and personal thank you goes a long way in cementing those relationships and rewarding excellent care and service.

Teacher gifts are one of our most popular category of occupation ornaments, and quite affordable as well. Who deserves a thank you and Merry Christmas gift more than your child’s teacher?  They work so hard!   We offer a darling Snowman with Apple and chalkboard that can be personalized with the teacher’s name and the year – even the school!  For teacher ornaments, we offer the extra service of putting the giver’s name on the back – at no extra charge.

Military service ornaments make a nice gift for a soldier home for the holidays, and even if he or she is not home, it’s nice for the family to have a personalized and dated military design to mark the year even though they are parted – the service member will still be represented on the tree, and of course in everyone’s hearts. Our design suits all branches of the service because it’s a snowman with a soldiers helmet!  He’s saluting the flag which is in the background of the star-shaped design.  There’s a little blank star on the ornament where you can put his or her name, rank, and service branch.  It’s very cute! Along with military ornaments we offer patriotic angels!  These angels come dressed in a red and white striped gown, with a blue collar.  The collar is decorated with stars, and there’s a nice long banner for a personalized patriotic message – or just a name and the year, whichever you prefer.

When you’re looking for just the perfect gift it doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  What we all really want is something that will show the recipient the care you have taken to find something that is just right and has that personal touch that shows you really care.  We think an occupational ornament may be just the perfect item!