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Favorite Links (5/9/12) permalink
Christmas! Taking you back to an era of Holiday Traditions we remember as Children. Read a Christmas gifts tale, read holiday stories, find Christmas carols, lyrics, and arts and crafts. Find Christmas recipes and care for that holiday plant Santa gave you. Want to track Santa on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Decorations and Gifts Store (5/9/12) permalink
Learn unique Christmas history on, Santa Claus, The Nativity, Nutcrackers, Angels, German Glass Ornaments, Wreaths and Garlands. Things you need to know about Christmas Lights and buying an artificial Christmas tree. Christmas Jokes, Trivia, and Poems for Christmas fun. A wonderful selection of Christmas decorations and gift ideas. An easy to us and navigate web site with no banner ads or clutter. You can write Santa a letter and Santa will write back to you. Even track Santa’s progress on Christmas eve. What a Fun site to visit.

The Ornaments Directory (5/9/12) permalink
"The world's most inclusive source of fine ornaments...the Ornaments Directory for collectors and gift buyers."

Christmas Gift Shopping (5/9/12) permalink
A review of this year's best and upcoming Christmas gift shopping, including how to find and where to shop.

Christmas Ornaments and Decorations (5/9/12) permalink
1700+ Christmas ornaments and decorations for friends and family. Offers personalized ornament designs in a vast array from sports to games to weddings and many more life events and activities.

Sports Ornament Gifts (5/9/12) permalink
Hand crafted sports ornaments and personalized Christmas gifts for athletes. Includes the usual football, basketball, and soccer ornament designs, as well as the unusual: kayak ornament, karate ornament, bowling ornament and others.

Battery Operated Christmas Lights (5/9/12) permalink
Choose from a large selection of LED battery operated Christmas lights online.

Christmas Lights LED (5/9/12) permalink
Choose from a large selection of LED Christmas lights online.

Kids Ornaments (5/9/12) permalink
Over 500 kids ornaments for boys and girls. Includes personalized kids ornaments, kid ornament designs for ages 2-18, as well as teen ornaments.

Creative Thank You Cards, Christmas, Wedding, and Moving Card (5/9/12) permalink
Offers unique collection of Christmas, birthday, wedding invitations and creative holiday cards.

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