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Great Shipping Rates at Calliope Designs

Veterinarian Male Brunette Personalized Christmas Ornaments

3) Our prices are reasonable… shipping too!

You know, Stephanie, I often don’t order from some companies when the shipping is too high. So when I get a bargain, like from you, I order more items. I wasn’t going to order all those ornaments, but after seeing the low cost of shipping, I figured, what the heck, I got a good deal—the price of each ornament plus shipping. I ordered from you last year too and was very pleasantly surprised at how nice they were, so I ordered again and will again for next year.
I’ve been giving my children ornaments each year after they marry, started giving to the grandchildren and now gr8grandchildren and my oldest daughter has 34 ornaments, my oldest granddaughter has 27, and my oldest gr8grandaughter has 7. It was a tradition started long ago and now I can’t stop. And the grandchildren marry and more tradition goes on. So you see, it means a lot to me to get ornaments at a reasonable price plus low-cost shipping. And I also have to like them.
Merry Christmas, Stephanie,

Thanks! I will definitely be shopping with you again in the future. You are not only reasonably priced but so efficient and great to work with! Thanks again and have a great holiday! Linda