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Crafty Idea: Cute Photo Frame Gift for your Pup!

Dog House Photo Frame personalized christmas ornaments

We believe in do it yourself projects to make Christmas gifts, and I’m always on the lookout for cute Pet gifts!  I know there are dozens of stores, big and small, brick and mortar and online, that sell thousands of dog gifts!  But here’s a way you can make something really cute for very little money!

Photo Frame for Your Puppy Ornament

If you have children, don’t forget to include them in the crafting of this gift!  They’ll love being involved and will be proud of their accomplishment!  What a great way to encourage the love of giving in a child – which of course starts at home!

Your family dog will look pretty as a picture when her snapshot is displayed in this dog-bone frame.


  • Flat wooden frame
  • Dog-bone treats
  • Water-based high-gloss polyurethane
  • Small paint brush
  • Hot glue


  1. Remove the glass and the cardboard backing from a flat wooden frame and set them aside. Lay the wood, face side up, on a flat working surface and arrange crunchy dog-bone treats on top of it. Place them horizontally, end to end to fashion a border all the way around, or diagonally to accent the corners.
  2. Once the pattern is determined, remove the dog bones, lay them face down, and apply a coat of water-based high-gloss polyurethane to the backs. this is important to protect the dog bones from invasions by bugs, and from deterioration due to moisture or humidity in the atmosphere.
  3.  Once dry, hot-glue the bones to the frame so that the polyurethaned sides are against the frame (adults only).
  4. Apply polyurethane to the tops and sides of the glued-on dog bones, let dry, and apply another coat of polyurethane.
  5. When the final coat is completely dry, insert the puppy’s photo and reassemble the frame.
  6. Some wrapping hints….. with all pet products it’s probably a good idea to put them somewhere up high, out of reach of the curious and always hungry dog!  We don’t want to spoil the Christmas morning surprise with a ripped open package… and polyurethane doesn’t taste all that great either… even to a dog that will eat everything!

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This great handcrafted gift idea was found on the Disney Fun Family website.  Be sure and check it out for many cool gift ideas!