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Christmas Gifts for Newborns

Baby Bear in Stocking First Christmas Personalized Ornaments

Rocking Horse 1st Christmas

Parents will love it!Our very biggest and most popular section on the website is our Baby’s First Christmas section.  We have bears, snowmen, penguins, and more that can be personalized with everything about the new baby!  Get the birth announcement out and together we can create an ornament that has all of this baby’s birth statistics, right on one ornament – weight, length, date and time of birth, and full name!  What a great gift that will be used for years to come!

When the birth of a new baby is close to Christmas, and the person giving the gift doesn’t know if the baby will be a boy or a girl, that’s the time to pick the ornament that is made in Christmas colors – red and green.  It serves well for a boy or a girl.  Otherwise, we have all other styles in both pink and blue.  Again, all can be personalized to your order.

We also offer darling baby photo frames which are made so they can stand on a shelf or desktop as well as hang as an ornament on the Christmas tree.  Once it’s personalized by our talented crew, all you have to do is add the photo!

This article came from and has some more fun ideas for gift giving.

Gift an Ornament to You a Family with a Newborn

Interesting Gift Ideas For A Newborn:

Purchasing gifts for newborn babies can be fun but overwhelming at the same time. One of the most important things to consider when buying newborn gifts is that a baby is more of a passive recipient; it is the parents you are really trying to make an impression on.

If you do not want to go for the usual gifts off of a baby registry, consider customized newborn gift baskets. Be a little creative and thoughtful when purchasing a newborn gift basket so that your gift stands out. These baskets can include items that are attractive and useful. The best baskets contain a group of items that go together under a common theme, so they have an added element of fun that takes the gift from being ordinary to extraordinary. When you give that special baby gift that the parent can relate to, they’ll appreciate the level of thought you put into the gift, as well as the level of understanding you have for the recipient’s personality or lifestyle.

Ready-made baby gift baskets are quite popular on internet stores, as they are prepackaged, beautifully wrapped and ready to be delivered. You no longer have to spend time at a retail store searching for, assembling and wrapping the gift yourself. In fact, many online retail sites of new baby gift baskets will include a free gift message for you as well, so you can literally spend minutes sending a newborn gift compared with the hours it can take at a retail store.

When it comes to newborn gifts or gifts in general, its all about the presentation. Although you can pick items like blankets, diapers, onesies or dolls off of a registry, they don’t have the complete look that a baby gift set offers. Many great baby gifts come with a special hang-tag or packaging that is unique to that set, which makes them even more unique and special. There are high quality newborn gift sets in the market which contain highly rated and popular items, like Trumpette baby socks, which are adorable shoe-like socks, 3 Sprouts hooded towel, Babymel bags, baby items from Munchkin and Angel Dear, skincare products from Noodle & Boo and Glowology,   hooded towels from 3 Sprouts, as well as Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. When a parent receives new baby gift baskets that contain any of these items, they will immediately recognize and appreciate the quality of the baby gift.

There are a wide variety of themes when it comes to baby gift sets, making it even easier to personalize the baby gift to the recipient. If you want to get a gender-specific gift, there are baby girl gift baskets for the princess, baby boy gift baskets for the rock star-to-be, as well as unisex gift baskets. There are also many great newborn gifts that are designed for the moms-to-be. If you are looking for gifts for new moms, it’s easy to pamper a mom with skincare products. There are unique gift sets offering items like stretch mark oil, stretch mark cream as well as special lotions to indulge both mom and baby. Oftentimes when it comes to baby gifts, dads can feel a bit left out. In today’s modern world, it is easy to recognize dads with a gift that is made just for him, with a gift bundle containing a masculine diaper bag and other dad-friendly baby accessories. Additionally, with the growing number multiple births, you can now find baby gifts for twins and baby gifts for triplets. Imagine the delight as a parent expecting multiples to get a gift set designed specifically for the duo or the trio.

With such a wide variety of new baby gift sets and newborn gift baskets that are available online, it’s easy to send a personalized baby gift that includes a free gift message and free gift-wrapping. These newborn gift sets are presented in a modern way that items off of a registry just cannot compete with. Best of all, you can send the most unique baby gift in just a matter of minutes, and the recipient will believe you spent countless hours searching for that perfect gift.