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Great Emails from our Customers!

What Our Customers Have to Say About Calliope!

Personalized Ornaments for a Growing Family

SOOOO good to hear from you. I just had a ball ordering the ornaments this year. I can’t believe we are now up to almost 30 people that count on getting one. And we had 2 babies and a wedding this year so it keeps on growing!!! I still remember how I first found you at Nordstrom and I think that was over 25 years ago!!! You were so sweet to fax your pages to the gift department so we could pick them out. How computers have changed everything. The website looks terrific. Tell Will he did a great job with the pictures. I SOOO hope he will continue the business. You guys are just THE BEST!!!

Our son is a senior this year. I just completed all his college applications (what an intense nightmare). He’s 6’8” so his whole life is basketball. His team was rated third in the state just prior to the season starting so there’s a lot of excitement and a lot of expectations.

It’s always a joy to connect with you each year. I consider myself your biggest cheerleader!!! We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the lovely work you do.


Ensuring Quality of Every Personalized Ornament

The ornaments are just adorable — I love them both. I’m so sorry that the
six for my friends and I didn’t work out for us, but I am so appreciative of
your honesty and commitment to providing a high-quality product that you
notified me immediately when you were less than pleased with the selection
that you had available.

I will definitely get in touch with you next year … much earlier … to
order my ornaments. I’ve been giving my niece and nephew an ornament for
the past 25 years … and am always trying to find a theme that fits with
their past years’ accomplishment. This year, I just started the tradition
with my girlfriends (the 6 of us), so I am planning on keeping this
tradition going also.


Custom Ornaments For Families of Any Size

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What is Great Customer Service?

Family of Snowmen (5) heart personalized christmas ornaments

Great Customer Service Is…

I really appreciate you taking care of this; because of you excellent customer service I am saving your website to order all my future keepsake gifts from your company. Johanna S.

Hi there,

That’s fine – I totally understand! I’ve ordered from Calliope 6 or 7 times now, and everything has always been of superior quality. And the customer service is great!

The order information is below. Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Thank you,
Thank you for the response. Things like this happen. I would like another if possible.

I thought I would write back to tell you how much I did appreciate Will’s help. He wrote me an e-mail very quickly after I sent a worried sounding one and within an hour had called as well. I have purchased quite a few ornaments online lately and am extremely impressed with how concerned he was about my purchase. I will make sure to become a frequent customer with your company thanks to your great customer service.

Thank you again! Christina S.
Merry Christmas! I’ve been shopping with you for several years now, so I’ll be back again you can be sure. Keep up the great work!

Rachel O.
Great thank you so much, and thank you Will for your help as well! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Marby
I just wanted to let you know I rec’dmy corrected ornament today and I appreciate your speedy shipment and great customer service. I will be returning again and telling others about your site.

Thanks, Amanda S.
Hi Will,

I typed in the tracking number you provided in your e-mail into the tracking system and it says “Your item was delivered at 3:08 PM on December 15, 2008 in MIDLAND, MI 48642” I then called my mom to check and she said it was the first of my packages to be delivered. So I guess the progress was just never updated the way it should have and I have nothing to worry about! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job to ensure that my order was taken care of correctly.

Have a Merry Christmas and thank you again!


Thank you Stephanie! The mailman just knocked on the door with the ornament. It is beautiful!
I appreciate you sending a replacement. I have no idea where the original one disappeared to!

I just wanted to let you know that I received it. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
Hi Stephanie! Sorry, I should have included more information in my email since the order is under my married name. Below are all the details from the order. That is very nice of you to replace the lost ornaments! I ordered a couple ornaments from you last year and can’t wait to add to my collection! Your ornaments are great! Dana
I just wasn’t sure about the whole order process
Thank you very much for your help and speedy response
I look forward to receiving the ornaments
Thank you so much for the follow-up and for letting me know that you did receive the box back – I was really worried that it was lost in never never land.

Congratulations on the engagement of your daughter – what an exciting time for the entire family. I cannot believe everything you had to do in 24 hours – amazing considering you probably hadn’t had a day off in months.

Best wishes for a safe and happy new year and thank you for everything. You are the best!
Hi Stephanie. Thank you for researching it. Yea i have no idea why i did that! I actually placed an order yesterday because i wanted to get an ornament for my daughter’s god mom for christmas (i really do love your ornaments!) and added a new Reindeer ornament to it to so no worries. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, i really appreciate it.
This is a very meaningful year and thought it went out wrong. THANK YOU

Happiest of holidays to you and the staff and will be your customer in
the future.

Dear Stephanie –

Thanks so much for your efforts, I really do appreciate it. I worked on the damaged ornament to make it presentable so I have something to give the family before they leave. I touched up the face with a black Sharpie and made a hanging loop from a thin piece of copper wire. I inserted it into the open slit from the original hanger and used a ton of Gorilla Glue to hold it in place. I can’t do anything about the other issues but I’m sure they will appreciate it and I will give them the replacement when they return.

I love your ornaments, this is the third year I have given them as presents and everyone loves them. I never have time to put up my own tree, maybe next year.

Have a fantastic holiday.

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for your fast response to my email! I have been meaning to respond for a while and then I got your check in the mail last night, which prompted me to write. I appreciate the refund and, more importantly, your concern for your customers. I understand that mistakes are bound to happen and it sounds like that is what may have happened with my order. I am glad you have taken my concerns seriously and it is nice to have clarification from you. Thank you for such great customer service and I look forward to doing business with you again!
Sarah H.
Thanks for your fast response. My order # is: 7251. I appreciate your help. No worries if it doesn’t come by Friday; I’ll just explain. On ones perfect, it’s totally understandable. Thanks again and I’ll be sure to forward your site to all my friends receiving the ornaments. The fact that your customer service is so personalized is awesome!

Happy Holidays! Jamie P.

I have found it! It is at the post office! I should have known, the mail in Chicago is terrible! Thank you so much for your help. I am picking up my package after work today! Can’t wait to see the ornaments!!

Thanks again,

Kelsie G.

It’s ok! I figured that’s probably what happened!! Can you please send it to my home address this time? I didn’t realize that when I sent it to my husband’s work that there was a chance someone else would open it!! Thankfully he intercepted it … but I was hoping to change the shipping since it’s going out today!! Thank you so much. We absolutely love the one we received!! And it arrived super fast!! Thank you again and I look forward to receiving the other two!

Thanks Stephanie, I now realize what you mean by your system didn’t take the apostrophe that I typed in my order to you. Thanks for catching that and adding it on the ornament and the full date of our wedding day. Rosie ;o)
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your prompt response and great
customer service.

Sara Paone

Thanks so much! You saved me from a potentially embarrassing Christmas present 🙂 Laurie A.

“Laughter is sunshine; it chases winter from the human face” Victor Hugo

I received the replacement ornament today. Thank you so much. Your customer
service is excellent.

Thanks so much for your help, means a lot, we had two ornaments broken by our three year
old at Christmas, the important ones!

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Great Shipping Rates at Calliope Designs

Veterinarian Male Brunette Personalized Christmas Ornaments

3) Our prices are reasonable… shipping too!

You know, Stephanie, I often don’t order from some companies when the shipping is too high. So when I get a bargain, like from you, I order more items. I wasn’t going to order all those ornaments, but after seeing the low cost of shipping, I figured, what the heck, I got a good deal—the price of each ornament plus shipping. I ordered from you last year too and was very pleasantly surprised at how nice they were, so I ordered again and will again for next year.
I’ve been giving my children ornaments each year after they marry, started giving to the grandchildren and now gr8grandchildren and my oldest daughter has 34 ornaments, my oldest granddaughter has 27, and my oldest gr8grandaughter has 7. It was a tradition started long ago and now I can’t stop. And the grandchildren marry and more tradition goes on. So you see, it means a lot to me to get ornaments at a reasonable price plus low-cost shipping. And I also have to like them.
Merry Christmas, Stephanie,

Thanks! I will definitely be shopping with you again in the future. You are not only reasonably priced but so efficient and great to work with! Thanks again and have a great holiday! Linda

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Our Customers Love How Quickly Orders are Mailed!

woman mail carrier personalized christmas ornament

Our orders go out quickly!

I have placed two orders with you in the past 2 weeks, products arrived perfectly and quality was excellent, never before have I received items that fast and they are beautifully done. I will be sure to use you again and pass the word along to friends and family who are looking for items also. Thank you have a good holiday season.
Bessie S

I received my order today – Wow such fast service. I ordered on Monday and
had the ornaments by Thursday. I am very pleased with my purchase. I have
been buying bread dough ornaments for my grandchildren for seven years and
have been buying them locally until this year when I couldn’t find a source.
Needless to say, I will be ordering from you again next year.

Karen G
I just wanted to thank you for the darling ornament. Your shipping was lightning fast and the ornament was perfect.
Happy New Year,
Melinda R

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I received my order yesterday afternoon and was very excited to see that all of the ornaments I had ordered were enclosed. Your company is overwhelming in customer service and responded as if I had shopped in person. I will definitely be booking your site as a favorite for future gift needs.

Sincerely, Annette M.

Thank you! This is my second order in the past week and I have to say that I am very impressed with how quickly you get things done! My first order was a gift for a friend and she received it quickly and absolutely loved it! I saw a picture of it today and just had to come back and order two for myself! I will definitely recommend your site to friends and family and will continue to shop on your site as well!

Thanks again!
Gina M

Hi there

I just wanted to say that I received my order today and the 2 ornaments I ordered were amazing.
I love the bright colors, the detail, and well everything about them.
I also wanted to thank you for the great customer service you provide and the quick shipping as well.
I hung the ornament for my son the second I opened it. Thank you for making such a unique ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ ornament that I couldn’t have found anywhere else! The second ornament is a gift that I can hardly wait for my brother & his family to open.
Thank you again for everything and we’ll be ordering from you next Christmas too.

Tiffany O (and baby Jackson too)

Merry Christmas & a safe and happy holiday season!

I was delighted with the engagement ornament that I ordered and very impressed with your quick service! Nancy W

WOW!! That was FAST! Thanks so much Stephanie!!

Happy Holidays!!! Donna Y.

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Our Customers Rave About Our Ornaments

Snowman Partners Personalized Christmas Ornaments

We love to hear from our customers – especially their happiness in getting ornaments done exactly as they wanted. We enjoy the stories of how our ornaments are used in families all over the United States. And, if there’s been a problem with an order or ornament, we appreciate knowing how our customer feels after we have resolved it. Here’s a sampling of our customer’s comments:

Our customers LOVE their ornaments!

I just had to write to you! The ornament I ordered for my mother in law arrived today and it is absolutely ADORABLE! Thank you so much for the personal detail you put into it and for even calling me to make sure that you were spelling my son’s name correctly! This much effort and care is so rare in products these days, especially online shopping and we really appreciate it and will shop with your store again for sure and recommend it to everybody! Have a very Merry Christmas! and thanks for making ours even more special!
Diana G M
Got the ornament and absolutely LOVE IT. The pictures you have on the
internet are so true to the real ornament which is not always the case in
some websites. Thanks again so very much and have a very happy holiday
season. Dolores
Hi Stephanie –
I got the ornaments in the mail today – and I love them!
You did a great job – they are even better than I anticipated.
Thanks again!
Thanks Stephanie. After I placed the first order, one couple got engaged so I
ordered them an ornament. After I received that one, my son and his girlfriend
announced their pregnancy so I ordered another ornament. It would have been
nice if all these big events could have been covered in one shipment.

Just wanted to let you know how cute all the ornaments are. I ordered last year for
the first time and have been very pleased with everything.

If I don’t order again before Christmas, have a great holiday! Marianne
Hi Stephanie,
Thank-you so much for the ornaments they came out beautiful, my friends will be very happy. Thank-you so much for the gift, it is beautiful. After looking at the ornaments I realized that I don’t have one for my family, so funny. Anyways thanks again and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.
Stephanie, I got my order — it’s perfect. Thank you so much for your
prompt handling. And a special thank you for the “bobble head” Santa…each
time I look at him I will smile and think of your kind gesture. Thanks
again, and I hope you have a successful holiday business-wise, but more
importantly, a wonderful, peaceful, happy, healthy holiday personally.

Thanks, again, Kate C
The ornaments arrived yesterday. They are adorable and I am thrilled. Thanks so much for your personal attention. I’ll keep your website for next year when the babies are here!

Thanks again. Cathie C

Beautiful artwork. These ornaments will be treasured for years to come! Thank You,
Lisa ~ Macon, Georgia
. I want you to know that the ornaments are absolutely PERFECT! I love the writing style for the names, and the ornaments are so very nice. Please continue to keep me on your mailing list. I will return.

Keep up the good work, and may you have a happy and blessed holiday season!


Becky B
Thank you so much!!!!!!! The ornaments are absolutely beautiful and I appreciate the refund on the shipping. It was a nice holiday surprise.
Janine M
We Love our daughters first Christmas ornament! It turned out even better than the picture online. Thank you! Melissa C.
Thanks so much – this is my second year ordering from you guys and I love the products you guys make and dealing with you is always pleasant.
thanks, Erin
I just wanted to write an e-mail to you guys for the awesome job you did on the ornament for my fiancee!!! It is very well done and I really appreciate! Great Job! Have a merry Christmas.
-Neil Kaptein

I just received my personalized ornament and I wanted you to know I am extremely pleased! I absolutely love it!! I know where I’ll be getting all my personalized ornaments from now on. Thank you so much for the awesome product and excellent service! Happy Holidays! Lisa Cole
I just had to email you and tell you how adorable my ornaments are!!!! Thank you so much! They are perfect and arrived in perfect condition! Thank you! It was a pleasure ordering from you! Jennifer
Thank you so much!! The ornaments are perfect. I love them all. Thank you
so much for your outstanding customer service and speedy personalization and
shipment, I really appreciate you going above and beyond. Thank you as well
for the gift. I look forward to more of your products in the future.
Happy holidays and thank you so much again.
Joy C
I was amazed to see that the two ornaments were received yesterday! I could not be happier as my son and his family is planning on coming home this Friday for “our” Christmas celebration together and one of the ornaments are for him and his.

What a wonderful surprise! In the future, I will re-order from you whenever the need arises as the ornaments are perfect in every way.

Thank you!

Carol G

Thank you so much!! I received my ornaments today and really love them. Also, thank you for sending back the shipping on the second one. I am very impressed with your company and will be ordering all my ornament from you in the future and tell others about your company.
Thank you again
Mary (Pat) S