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Your Guide to Personalized Christmas Ornaments

personalized christmas ornament with family of penguins

Things to Keep in Mind when Customizing Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking for personalized Christmas ornaments this holiday season? Christmas is fast approaching — in fact, it will be here before we know it. Get a head start on your Christmas tree decor or holiday shopping by placing your order for personalized ornaments sooner than later.

Wondering where to begin? We have a few things for you to keep in mind when designing your ornaments with Calliope Designs. 

Theme of Custom Christmas Ornament

There are many choices of personalized Christmas ornaments available from Calliope Designs. Some like to keep it classic with ornaments featuring the whole family around a tree. Family members can be featured standing together, or presented as penguins, bears, and other fun holiday characters. Many families make this a tradition, and delight in seeing the ornaments on their tree year after year.

It can also be fun to change up the theme of your ornament, depending on an event or milestone that took place during the year. Vacations, engagements, and new jobs are all themes available on

Number of Family Members

If you are hoping to fit everyone in on your personalized Christmas ornament, take a look at the different family member options Calliope Designs provides on our website:

We’ll make sure to recognize all of your loved ones within your personalized Christmas ornament. 

Names of Family Members

Once you nail down the number of people to be displayed on your ornament, don’t forget to double-check the spelling of their names! Names will be hand-painted onto your ornament, making it the perfect keepsake for years to come.

We often see parents using “Mom” and “Dad” instead of their names — it is up to you how you want to personalize your 2019 ornaments!

Don’t Forget the Date

After you have double checked the spelling of your family members’ names, don’t forget to include the year! Including the date is the perfect addition to your customized Christmas ornament, especially on “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments and those with a vacation theme. Every year you hang it on your tree, you will be taken back in time to that specific time and all of those wonderful memories.

Include a Photo in Your Custom Ornament

Another fantastic way to personalize your Calliope Designs custom Christmas ornament is with a photo frame. Not only will names and year be documented on your ornament, but you will have a visual element to include with it. 

Personalize Your Calliope Designs Ornament Today!

click here to personalize a gift from Calliope Designs today

Well, what are you waiting for? September is almost over, meaning the holidays are just around the corner. It is time to nail down those details and get those personalized ornament orders in! Whether you are giving an ornament as a holiday gift or plan to hang them on your tree this year, getting started now is the way to go.
Spend some time looking through all of the different themes and options available for your ornaments, nail down the personalized details, and place your order today. You’ll soon discover why Calliope Designs has been a trusted resource for personalized Christmas ornaments for over 44 years!

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“Firsts” of a Personalized Ornament Business

couple hanging stockings personalized christmas ornament

“Firsts” of a Personalized Ornaments Business
The story of Calliope Designs includes many “firsts.” We’ll be telling you more about how this wonderful little business started, grew, and thrived over the years, but here’s a short article I wrote several years ago for publication in a web directory about – what else?  Ornaments!

The First Steps of a Personalized Ornament Business

The year, 1971. The times…. well, were a changing! Dorr Eddy an advertising agency art
director, and Stephanie Eddy an advertising agency account executive, left San Francisco and
moved to a small town in Sonoma County California. Still working free lance in advertising,
they spent an autumn making “dough” Christmas ornaments as gifts for family and friends.
Little did they know that a few short years later they would be hiring dozens of employees to
help fill orders for their unique ornaments from gift shops and department stores.
The Eddy say that to their knowledge, the ornaments company Calliope Designs which they
began in the seventies, was the first in the world to manufacture dough ornaments and to
personalize the ornaments with names, corporate logos, and places!
Orders for ornaments from stores like Neiman Marcus and Macy’s
New York launched Eddy’s cottage ornament business into the mainstream of gift shows,
advertising specialty distributors, and the ornaments souvenir industry. Stephanie and Dorr’s
first taste of the coming popularity of their cute little-handcrafted dough ornaments was at the
Great Dickens Faire in San Francisco in 1972. Dressed as Victorian merchants, selling bread
dough ornaments from an old-fashioned cart, Dorr and Stephanie sold every ornament they had
made in the summer in the first day of the 14-day crafts fair. The next six weeks were a blur of
remaking the ornaments each week to sell on the coming weekend.
It was at one of these Dickens Faire weekends that the buyers from Macy’s New York happened
across their ornaments display and saw the crowds surrounding their booth. The following
spring came a huge order for all Macy’s New York and Macy’s New Jersey stores. Taking
advantage of the popularity of the dough ornaments, the Eddy’s attended their first gift show –
the Beckman Show of Handmade and Handcrafted items in Los Angeles, California. They met
buyers from many gift shops and had to hire several helpers to keep up with writing orders for
their dough ornaments. Neiman Marcus proposed an ornament with a cowboy theme to be sold
in the famous Neiman Marcus catalog! Stephanie and Dorr suggested personalization of the
ornaments. Another first!
The first souvenir ornaments account for Calliope Designs was Yellowstone National Park. A
a small order of ornaments delivered at the beginning of their tourist season turned into a large
reorder, and brought the attention of many state and national parks around the United States.
There were new ornaments with wildlife designs, all namedropped with the individual park’s
When the owners of Calliope Designs attended the Advertising Specialty show in Dallas Texas,
they met distributors who would show their clever ornaments to corporations. One of the first
corporations ordering their personalized bread dough ornaments is still ordering ornaments
today. Southwest Airlines has ordered a unique ornament each year to donate to the Ronald
MacDonald Houses in the southeastern United States. Today that corporate ornaments order has
grown to 800 pieces!
Some of the most popular items at Calliope Designs are the styles relating
to “first” occasions in a customer’s life. Over the years, they have perfected their lines of Baby’s
First Christmas ornaments, New Home Ornaments, First Christmas for Adopted Children as well
as First Anniversary Ornaments. Whatever the “First” is, Stephanie & Dorr Eddy at Calliope
Designs know that they have an ornament to suit the occasion. And they love having their
customers create their own special greetings for the ornaments – some of their best phrases have
come directly from the creativity of their customers.
Article and images used with permission from
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