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Baby’s First Christmas Made Memorable

Baby's First Christmas personalized ornaments

Your baby’s arrived during the past year and you and your family are getting ready to celebrate his or her First Christmas! Your little one might be almost one year old, or could be a newborn, but it’s likely that in either case he or she won’t really remember the First Christmas, or even really get what’s going on and what all the fuss is about.  Some things really count though, photographs, lots and lots of them.  Take tons of pictures of the baby, mommy and daddy, grandparents, the Christmas tree, your pets with the baby, and even Santa if possible.  And next, be sure to pick one or more personalized Baby’s First Christmas ornaments as a memento of that special holiday celebration.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby photography can be tricky.  Most babies are just naturally photogenic, but to get that very special expression, the one you want to remember forever, take lots and lots of pictures.  Aren’t cell and smartphones great these days?  You can take the photo and check the images right away.  You can take 100 to get the best one or two, and most phones even have a little photoshop type software built into the phone so you can crop, adjust color, zoom in or out, and make it perfect.

As you are getting ready for the holiday, take pictures of everything you do together with the baby.  Will you try for a photo with Santa?  Of course, it will depend upon the age of your baby, and what he or she is going through right now with new people and strangers.  Santa is a pretty unique looking character and who knows, your child might find him hilarious, or maybe he will be scary.  You know your baby and use your best instincts.  There will be many more years ahead to have a photo with Santa.  As a substitute, you might get a little red Santa hat with white fuzzy fake fur around the bring, and make a darling photo of the baby wearing it.

If you go shopping for a Christmas tree, or go out to cut down a tree, you can let your child help pick one, and be sure to take pictures of this.  Take the baby out to see bright Christmas lights decorating homes at night, or a place where children are playing around lighted Christmas theme decorations.  Photo ops abound.  Go for a sleigh ride!  Or make a trip up to the snow.  All of these events will make up a lovely baby album of a first Christmas holiday celebration.  It’s amazing how reasonably priced you can have a photo album made up at a place such as Shutterfly.  Your baby will have it forever, and as an extra bonus, think of how much the grandparents would love to have one too.

Another wonderful use for photos of Baby’s First Christmas is for the baby’s first personalized ornament.  Print a photo yourself if you have a color printer, and make it be the size of a mini school photo.  This will fit perfectly into one of our darling Baby’s First Christmas photo frame ornaments.

Choosing your Baby’s First Christmas ornament is a fun process.  Do you want to go with traditional type ornament styles, like a glass ball, or a blown glass ornament that is shaped like a rattle or baby bootie?  These are usually found at your local Hallmark store in the Mall, where you can really ascertain how large they are and how durable they will be over the years.  The European glass ornaments are very elegant and gorgeous, and expensive.  But it will be something that is treasured in the family and one she will take to her own home when she grows up.

Another style of ornament is a theme-oriented one, such as a Disney ornament, or even an NFL baby ornament! Yes, those are truly available on eBay, using a football helmet holding a sleeping baby, available in all the different team colors.  Think of other famous Christmas theme designs – Dr. Seuss and the Grinch,  Peanuts ornaments designed by Charles Schultz, Star Trek First Christmas ornaments, and the like.

If you have other children, this is one of the most fun things you can do with them to help them make their own unique ornaments each year.  And they can also help with their new sibling’s ornament too, but making one for the baby.  If this is your first child, mommy and daddy can make a few and see which one is chosen.  Glaze it several times with polyurethane (non-yellowing, high gloss), and then personalize it with a super fine point black permanent marker.

Another craft project is one of our all-time favorite Baby’s First Christmas ornaments – a baby’s handprint kit with a special Calliope Designs ornament attachment make and personalized with your baby’s birth statistics, or name and First Christmas with the year.  We have a special video showing how to make and assemble this amazing ornament.  This style comes in blue for boys and pink for girls!  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child’s hand grows as she or he compares it to the ornament each year at Christmas.

A personalized Christmas ornament is a wonderful way to go for your Baby’s First Christmas ornament.  We specialize in these styles and have made quite a few choices of favorite baby subjects to give the ornament choice some traditional feel, some handcrafted feel, and certainly an amazingly cute, darling, and adorable feel!  The ornaments that are most frequently chosen are the ones that have all of the baby’s birth statistics inscribed in permanent black ink right on the design, with the year and First Christmas added with his or her name.  Since our “personalizers” are all extremely skilled in the art of lettering, our customers love the darling little baby bear in stocking (pink, blue, and red if you are not sure!), our rocking horses (also in pink, blue, and red), our photo frame choices, and penguin designs.

Remember, your child’s first Christmas is a special day that will be recalled with all the beautiful photos you take, the happy experiences you share with your baby and your Baby’s First Christmas ornament.  We think a personalized item from Calliope Designs is a fabulous choice to start his or her personalized ornament collection.

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So You’re Expecting A Baby & It’s Christmas!

Expecting Twins or triplets personalized christmas ornaments

We’re blogging about this today because our Expecting a Baby personalized ornament is one of our very best selling items. It’s an ornament people buy for themselves or an ornament that others purchase as a gift for a pregnant couple.  We’ve given this a lot of consideration, and realize what a very very special time being pregnant at Christmas is.  Here are a few of our thoughts on making this “expecting” Christmas even more fun and joyful.

Expecting A Baby at Christmas Time

When you’re pregnant doctors and nurses always talk about trimesters.  Of course, this refers to the development of your baby and the different stages of growth in utero, but the trimesters are different on the outside too.  How you feel, how you look, what your level of anticipation is.  If you’re pregnant at Christmas time you may have completely different feelings depending on which trimester you are experiencing. Let’s take our holiday celebration by trimester.

The first trimester, or first three months of your pregnancy, is such an exciting time.  Especially if you are expecting your first baby.  One thing that’s special is that your pregnancy is not evident to the outside world!  It is your and your mate’s special time of knowing you are pregnant, and deciding how long to wait to tell everyone else.  The pregnancy is confirmed.  The due date is estimated.  And before long you are going to start having some symptoms – such as morning sickness, nausea at certain smells, tiredness or sleepiness at odd times of the day, and strange cravings for food.  Of course, not everyone has all of these symptoms, but they are fairly universal.  If Christmas is coming you might be wondering if you are really “up to” the whole big celebration you usually put on.

This is a good time to listen to and follow your instincts.  It’s a time to realize another little person is going to be with you from now on, and being flexible will forever be a part of your life because of him or her (or them!).  Here are some ideas to make life less stressful for the holidays:

– Do most of your gift shopping online.  Mall shopping may just not be as much fun.  The smell of auto exhaust on the road.  The odd smells in the mall that normally were just fine (like cinnamon rolls, hot dogs, cleaning solutions) now may make you a little nauseated.

-If you are able, purchase your gifts gift wrapped to save the last minute stress of getting it all done.

-Have gifts mailed directly to the recipient.  Most online stores will offer a service for a gift message enclosure.

– Let Sis, or your Mom, make the holiday meals this year.  Plan on going and enjoying every minute and every delicious bite of their special holiday cooking instead of making everything yourself.

-Since your pregnancy isn’t showing yet,  make Christmas Eve or Christmas Day the special day to tell your family and loved ones that you are Pregnant!  Of course, we recommend you have one of our cute expecting ornaments personalized and gift wrapped for your mom to open and be surprised.  This gift is also cute for his parent’s as well.  If they are with you, or even if they are far away, opening this gift is a fabulous way at Christmas to tell your family you are expecting!

So the Christmas theme for a first-trimester pregnancy is, take it easy, take care of yourself and let others help with entertaining and meals, and tell everyone your secret surprise, a new baby will be joining the family next year.  Then sit back and enjoy all of the love and attention!

The Second Trimester may be the most enjoyable time of pregnancy.  For most women, the morning sickness tapers off to non-existent.  Many women have more energy and feel more themselves.  And, your baby is growing and you are starting to “show”.  This is a happy time of telling friends and co-workers you are expecting and enjoying the attention and conversations from other women who have gone through a pregnancy and birth and are ready to tell you all about it!  During this time you’ll feel the baby move – a very exciting event.

If Christmas comes during this second trimester it is likely you will be tempted to do all the things you’ve always done at Christmas time and depending on how you are feeling you will succeed!

– It’s still not a bad idea to not go overboard with planning, shopping, cooking, and entertaining.  Getting worn out just isn’t good for you and that’s not good for the baby.

– This is a good time to start preparing for the baby’s arrival.  Telling your boss about your pregnancy and planning for maternity leave.  Buying a crib and car safety seat.  and other things around the home.

– Buy something new to wear for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Plan ahead – in 3-4 short weeks your waistline will be expanding and you’ll be having yummy food and want to be comfy.  Of course, I’m sure your doctor would encourage you to enjoy everything in moderation!  But a couple of new tops that are comfortable and a pretty color will do wonders for that feeling that you don’t really look hugely pregnant, just a little chubby.

– Decorate your Christmas tree, and think about how next Christmas there will be a baby and how much fun that will be.  Be sure to add a personalized Christmas ornament that celebrates the Christmas you are expecting a baby.  This ornament will be yours forever to remember this special time.  And don’t forget both sets of grandparents!  They’re Expecting too…. They’re expecting a darling Grandchild!

Christmas during your third trimester can really be a challenge.  Plan ahead is the phrase of the season! You are going to get tired and need to put your feet up after work!

– Do all of your shopping and wrapping way before Christmas.  Try to have it done by Thanksgiving.  Shop online, have things wrapped, have gifts mailed.

– Tell everyone what you need to complete your baby’s layette and all of the other things you might need – crib, high chair, rocking lounger, and the like.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to have a nice baby shower, but being prepared for a coming birth enables you to relax and enjoy the holidays.

– Let Mom do it!  or your Sister or Mother in Law!  This is a special time for them too and helping you and your husband stay rested and happy will give them pleasure.

– Get all the good books about parenting and baby and take the time to discuss how your family brought up the baby.  Christmas is a good time for family memories and hearing about how you were as a baby, and how your husband was, and how your parents took care of you those first weeks will be emotionally strengthening.  No matter how many books you read, and how many tales you hear, your baby’s first month or two will be a big surprise, so line up the support of your family and friends.

– Enjoy the holidays, let yourself be pampered.  Think about what kind of parents you will be and about what the future has in store for the Christmas celebrations ahead.  And don’t forget about for your Baby’s First Christmas personalized ornament.

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15 Ideas for Great Personalized Ornament Gifts

There are so many ways people can be couples and we at Calliope Designs try to have a personalized Couples ornament for every single one of them!  Here are 15 ideas for fun-filled and reasonably priced gifts this holiday season.

Creative Gifts for Your Loved One

– Create a cute penguin couple holding a heart ornament for two people who have just fallen in love!  Inscribe with their names, the year, and “First Christmas Together” on the base.

– For a couple who has just moved in together one of our cute New Home designs with two snowmen in the front with the personalization sentiment “First Christmas in Our First Home Together”

– For a couple with a proposal coming…. a small gift on Christmas morning would be quite appropriate with “Will You Marry Me?” beautifully inscribed by hand on the base.

-For an Engagement gift for a couple who is engaged at Christmas time a cute Christmas tree ornament with two little snow people beside it with the word “Engaged” on the base.

-For a Couple of Irish descent who loves all things Irish and is proud of their lineage, we have a fun Snow couple Christmas ornament holding a broom dressed in green with a shamrock saying “Our Irish Christmas”

-For a couple’s First Christmas married we have a Christmas ornament of a Bride and Groom dancing on their wedding day inscribed with their names and “Our First Christmas”

– For a couple on their honeymoon in a wonderful tropical location, such as Maui!  Give a personalized ornament of a  darling penguin couple on a palm tree-studded tropical island that says “Just Mauied”.

– Find ornaments for honeymooning couples who have gone to New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, and more.

-Make a personalized ornament gift for Grandma and Grandpa, perhaps a cute fireplace with a little mouse beside it, with their names on the stockings and “Christmas Together” on the base.

– And then there are the Anniversaries!  Whether it’s the 5th, the 25th or the 50th, or something in between, each year wed deserves a special celebration and memento.  Gift a gift that will last through the years, just like this couple’s marriage.  Here we have a cute Santa and Mrs. Claus holding a heart ornament.

-Find a personalized gift for a gay or lesbian couple – whether it is a couple riding a motorcycle, or a couple celebrating Christmas in their new home, we have many styles that are sure to make a wonderful personalized gift this Christmas time.

-This couple has two pets, and you can Design Your Own personalized ornament gift for a couple with up to five pets.  We have 19 dog types and 6 cat types to choose from, and you can put a name on each and everyone that we make to order for a couple with pets.

-When a couple is pregnant and expecting their first baby they will always remember the Christmas they were pregnant and waiting with great anticipation, so we have a wonderful and popular Snow Couple Expecting A Baby personalized ornament.

-For the couple who is expecting twin babies and pregnant at Christmas, we can personalize it to order.

-For Grandma and Grandpa a Design Your Own ornament style of a darling house with them looking out the windows above their two pets.  Something for every couple this Christmas.

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Gifts for a Child’s Special Occasions in Life

Our original Calliope Designs personalized ornaments are more than Christmas tree decorations.  They’re amazing gifts that are made to order just for each customer.  Every name, date, and message is hand inscribed by one of our artists.  Sometimes details such as family pets are added to the ornament.  Where else can you get something that’s handmade, hand personalized, promptly delivered through the mail, for as little as $9.99 plus postage?

So you have a rather long Christmas gift list.  Here are some ways you can use Calliope Designs Christmas ornaments for gifts to celebrate life’s special moments.  We’ll begin with fun things that happen to babies and young children.

Childhood Event Calliope Custom Ornament List:

All About Baby – celebrating the birth of a child with a personalized ornament that tells all the birth stats:  length, weight, time of birth, date of birth, full name

– Baptism or Christening – a cute baby ornament with his or her name and the date of the religious ceremony

– Baby’s First Steps – a cute design showing a little one “toddling” across the room

– Baby’s Christmas with Grandparents – always a fun gift to give to Grandma and Grandpa

– Baby and Parents together as Proud Parents celebrating their First Christmas Together

– Baby’s Second Christmas – Now the fun of the Christmas holiday is really starting!

– Baby’s Potty Training – yes, this IS a special event.  Just ask any parent you know!

– Baby’s Third Christmas – time for that special photo of baby on Santa’s lap

– Child’s First Day of School – a special occasion for the child, a tearful occasion for Mommy

– Child’s First Lost Tooth – and the fun of waiting for the Tooth Fairy

– Child’s learning to Ride a Bike – especially a two-wheeler, but a trike is an accomplishment too

– Child’s learning to Count – we parents are so proud

– Child’s learning to Read – what an amazing process

– Child’s first experience with team sports – Tee Ball and Soccer are among the favorites for small children

– Child’s first airplane ride!  First tractor ride!  First train ride!

– Child’s trip to Grandparents home for Christmas

– Child’s confirmation classes and first holy communion.

– Child’s experiences the birth of a baby brother or sister

– Child gets a puppy or kitten – or a bunny or a bird.  i.e. a pet!

– Child joins girl scouts or boy scouts

We have ornaments especially designed for many of these occasions.  You can see the links back to the products in the underlined colored words.  And it’s easy to make your own decision about an ornament, for instance, you can put First Holy Communion in a heart on an angel ornament, or put Going to Grandma’s for Christmas on a house ornament.  Feel free to use your imagination to create a gift that is meaningful for this particular year.  This is the way to begin and continue with a tradition of purchasing a special ornament each Christmas for your child, a friend’s child, or your grandchild.  It’s a beautiful tradition, and the child will grow up with the memories of receiving an ornament from you each year, and that that ornament collection to his or her own home as adults – to share with their children.

Calliope Designs has been providing personalized Christmas ornaments to families for 43 years now, and we have the delightful experience of hearing from many adult customers who received our ornaments as children, and who are now carrying on the collection for their new families and children,  and yes, even pets!

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Personalized Family Ornaments from Calliope Designs

Wreath for Family of Eight Personalized Christmas Ornament

One of our favorite ornament expressions has always been “The Heart of a Home is Love” which we think is the essence of family life.  And while there are other times of year when the family is called together to celebrate,  the Christmas holidays seem to be the strongest, when you really appreciate the family you have, the generations together, and enjoy the love you have for each other.  This feeling is one reason we have been pleased with our life’s occupation, the designing, making, and selling of personalized Christmas ornaments for the family.

Custom Design Family Ornaments

At the beginning of our years making personalized ornaments, we created designs that were perfect for individuals.  We had Santa doing lots of things, a teddy bear with a wreath, a stocking full of dolls, a bag of toys ornament.  We had a single snowman, a single penguin, a house, a fireplace, a Christmas tree, and an Angel.  The handcrafted ornaments were so new, and dough ornaments so novel, that people were excited to buy one ornament for each member of the family. Some of those designs are still on our product list but of course, now we make them of polymer clay instead of dough, and they look a little different.   Over the years our selection of new designs became more and more family ornament oriented, giving the opportunity to purchase one ornament that had everyone’s name on it plus a saying and the year.

Our Personalized Family Ornaments is a big grouping of products on the website  We have had the enjoyment of creating so many unique and original designs revolving around family life and the different number of members of the family.  Our ornament products cover families of all sizes from 1 to 17!  So there are plenty of opportunities to find many products to collect over the years that suit your family or that suit another family you exchange gifts with.

We have divided the Family Ornaments category up into different sections to make shopping easier for our customers and we really have something for families of all shapes and sizes.   We have Family ornaments by size such as Families of 2, Families of 3, Families of 4 and up and up!  We have Single Parent Families of 2, 3, 4 to be personalized and dated for each year.  We have Large Families or Groups personalized ornaments too, and these are often used as office gifts or club gifts when there are lots of people involved.  Of course, Grandparents Family ornaments also fit into this category, as do ornaments for Siblings.

One of our favorite choices of ornaments right now is Families of different sizes including their pets on the ornament.  We call these ornaments Design Your Own Family with Pets because you actually do Design it Yourself!  No two ornaments ever are the same, so your product is absolutely 100% unique and the only one in the world! For this special category, we have 19 different dog breeds and 5 different cat types to select from to make the personalized family ornament just like your family or your friend’s family. This family with pets category comes with the background of Christmas tree, a white house, fireplace with stockings, a wreath, and now a cute little red engine.  Each little pet can be personalized with the dog’s or cat’s name, making it a perfect way to show your family at any given Christmas year.

Whichever category selection is right for you this year, when you choose a ornament we want you to know it was designed to look great with names and the special saying hand-lettered upon it.  We trust this ornament will elicit memories of Christmas together with your family for many years to come.  Ornaments can be selected to celebrate special family occasions such as the addition of a new family member when someone gets married!  When someone is pregnant, an expecting a baby personalized ornaments is perfect!  Another style will welcome a new baby to the family.  This is why it’s so important to put the year on every personalized ornament you select, especially in the larger families.  Children are particular about their position in the family and will always search for the ornament where there name was added upon their birth!

Christmas ornaments for the family can mark the moving to a new home with one of our special New Home and Family ornaments.  We encourage customers to add the city or new address of each home ornament they purchase.  And as life goes on for the family, there will be family ornaments that mark the departure of a family member with an In Memory Of ornament.  All members of the family will agree that this is a wonderful way to keep a sweet and happy memory of Christmas in the past with the family member who has passed away. Customers have written to us telling us how much they enjoy talking about the missing family members at Christmas, especially with the young children that are new to the family.

The family selection comes in many different styles of ornaments.  We offer several different styles of adorable bear families of 1-4 children.  Penguin families that have 1-6 little baby penguins that are oh so cute!  Snowman families again up to seven children are our most popular,  probably because they show up so brightly on the dark green Christmas tree. We’ve recently added a Gingerbread family series, and then of course, our families with dogs and cats.  There is truly something for everyone and we encourage you to visit our selection to see if there is something that suits your fancy for this Christmas season.

If you are looking for a gift for the office and a large group of people, we have put these ornaments in the category called Large Families or Groups, and these ornaments are quite nice for a secret Santa gift at work, or for a retirement gift.

Our talented staff of artists will do a beautiful job personalizing your ornaments to order for your family celebration, for free of course.  Add to your collection of Calliope Designs ornaments each year and enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with the family and reminiscing about the Christmas holidays of the past and dream about the celebrations in the future.


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A Small Gift for Someone Who has Helped You

teacher woman blue dress personalized christmas ornament

When purchasing Calliope Designs ornaments most of us think of our own family. Our babies and children, our life’s special occasions, our grandparents, our pets. This is normal – we want to carry on a family tradition of getting a new ornament each year, perhaps for each child. We love choosing just the right special ornament to fit the year’s activities and celebrations.

Here are some ideas from our customers of different ways to use the Calliope Designs personalized ornaments as gifts to others. After all, they are reasonably priced and last a lifetime, and are custom made for each individual. What a nice way to say Thank You for improving the quality of my life!!

Ideas and Tips for Using Our Ornaments

Personalized Christmas ornaments make great gifts for:
– A child’s teacher, the school bus driver, the principal who all spend time with your children each day making school the best it can be!
– Your boss and his family to wish them happy holidays
– The mechanic who has so diligently kept your car in great shape!
– The orthodontist who has made your child’s teeth amazing
– The dentist or hygienist that took care of you and your husband’s cavities
– The nurse at your doctor’s office, so calming and patient while she takes your blood pressure
– Your postal carrier, always there rain or shine
– Your co-workers – friends you spend every day with, where a small gift would be super nice!
– Your banker who helped get that re-fi going when interest rates were low
– The babysitter or nanny who rarely complains about runny noses or tantrums
– Your gardener who makes the outside of your house look as beautiful as the inside
– The coaches that teach your kids to play soccer, baseball, football, tennis, etc.!
– The music teacher who so patiently helps your child appreciate their talent for piano lessons
– The housekeeper – what would you do without her (or him)?
– The neighbor kids who come to shovel the snow in the winter time
– The pet groomer who washes and trims your adorable dogs
– The Vet for all of the things they do to keep your pets happy and healthy
– Your minister and his family for his spiritual guidance and support
– Your new neighbor as a welcome to the neighborhood gift
– A hostess gift for that lovely Christmas dinner party
And many more!

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35 Reasons Why a Christmas Ornament is a Great Gift

Marry Me: Male Blonde, Female Blonde Personalized christmas Ornament

Calliope Designs brings you the original “personalized Christmas ornament” and here are some reasons a Calliope Designs ornament makes such a wonderful Christmas gift!

Popular Calliope Designs:

It is handcrafted one at a time.
It is personalized to your order.
It is reasonably priced.
It is a thoughtful gift.
It can start a family holiday tradition of getting an ornament each year.
It celebrates an important event in a person or family’s life.
It is sentimental and sweet.
It is playful and happy.
It does not get used up like a bottle of wine!.
It lasts forever.
It is a memento of a certain Christmas.
If you get a personalized ornament when you are 16 years old, it is fun to use it when you are 40!
You don’t ever outgrow it.
It has zero calories.
It is whimsical.
It can start a child’s Christmas ornament collection of one ornament each year.
It is not fattening.
It can be a souvenir of a vacation when personalized with the vacation location.
It can keep a memory of your pets.
You can use one to ask the big question, Will You Marry Me?
You can use one to tell your parents you are Expecting a Baby!
You can design one with your pets on it.
You can have the year on it.
All of the personalization is Free and done by hand.
The personalized ornament makes a cute wedding shower gift.
It can be used as a package tie with names on it.
Children enjoy ornaments that show their special interests – such as soccer, or ballet.
Kids like to see their names on their personalized ornaments.
Something small but meaningful for Grandparents.
They don’t require special storage.
The ink is permanent.
Something for everyone on your Christmas list.
It’s easy to pack and light to mail.
Personalization adds value to your gift.
It will bring a smile to your face.

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A Little Red Engine Brings the Christmas Tree to All

Little Train Engine for Four Personalized Christmas Ornament

Our latest addition to the Family ornaments group at is the Little Red Engine carrying the Christmas tree.

Our Featured Little Red Engine Ornament

Santa can drive the engine as a single ornament for a train lover, or for a child that loves trains. But the most fun ones are the little engines that have family members decorating the Christmas tree. This pattern holds up to five family member heads. Each one can be carefully and expertly personalized to match your own family, a neighbors family, or friends. There’s a nice area – the smoke of the train – that can hold the year or a special greeting for this holiday gift.

Designing your own ornament, choosing the characters, placing the names of family members on the ornament, all add together to make it a very special gift, one that you’ve created. Of course, we have articles in our blog that tell you how to make your own dough ornaments at home. And articles that promote other crafty projects. Of course in this busy hectic world, we don’t always have time to sit down and mix up all the dough in different colors and spend hours making them, then baking and glazing them. Oh – and there’s the clean up too. But if you do have time, be sure to give it a try. You’ll never regret the time spent. If you can’t, make your own ornament on our website, and take pride in it as, without you, it wouldn’t exist!

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Large Family Ornaments all Made to Order

Family Tree of 15 Personalized Christmas Ornament

Thinking of something for a gift for a large group? Perhaps at work? or a large family gathering?

Gifting Ornaments to Your Large Family

Over the years of making and selling our ornaments, we’ve found a real need for a single product that can serve this need and three years ago we came up with the family tree concept. We make these to order, each and every one. The Christmas trees can come with up to 17 heads on them, and of course, each head can have a name printed carefully on the tiny hatband of the little person. One of our favorite gifts this year was from the coach of a girl’s softball team. He had 14 identical trees made up with 11 characters each on the tree. And each was given to a member of the softball team to celebrate a year well done, and this year to come!

This year we display the new family wreath. Right now it is covered with little heads, but our plans are to bring out some items with the pets added as well. Never want to forget those favorite furry friends! The wreath for the smaller families comes with a banner at the base, for a family greeting, the family name, or a holiday greeting. We suggest putting the year in the center of the wreath. It’s pretty dramatic when all personalized to order.

Another great gift idea was from a customer who purchased for her law firm Christmas party. Each wreath had the partners on the top and the law office staff all around. It really turned out nice. We put the name of the firm, and the year, in the center of the design. It’s something they’ll all enjoy for years to come.

We get some of our best ideas from our customers.

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Our Cyber Monday Sale is Here

cyber monday sale ad banner

Cyber Monday Ornament Sale

Enjoy great deals on our custom ornament collections this Cyber Monday! Just in time for your holiday and early gift shopping!

Get 20% OFF your entire order when you shop our ornaments online today. Your Cyber Monday Coupon will be automatically applied at checkout (Promo Code: cyber2018).

Choose from our featured Christmas and Family ornaments, or get a steal deal on your favorite memento on our online store. Hurry and order your custom ornaments before they’re all sold out!